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Clean Energy Technologies for the ‘Base of the Pyramid’

February 8, 2012


When you’re commercializing a clean energy technology, the received wisdom is that you start by finding the largest viable market segment, the one that has both the need for your product and the ability to pay for it.  It’s a tried and true method that’s been followed by the biofuels, solar and electric vehicle industries […]

5 Cool Real Assets Trends for 2012

February 6, 2012


Shamefully, it’s taken me an entire month to wade through 2012 predictions from assorted economists and commentators.  The consensus calls are much as one would expect; neither oil prices nor the US economy are going anywhere fast, nothing substantive will be achieved on federal policy in the teeth of a tough election year, investors aren’t […]

A Startup Transforming Waste Wool to Green Building Gold

December 3, 2011


Priscilla Burgess has spent most of her career managing software and internet projects for mega-corps such as Cisco and GE.  Like many of us, she began to wonder if there was more to life, if there was some way that she could pay the bills and yet still create products that helped society.  On a […]

A Thousand Ugly Thermostats

November 7, 2011


When the first generation of green building products were introduced, developers thought that business owners would rip out outmoded thermostats and meters and replace them with the new ones that not only saved energy but allowed users to see everything from the time that they turned on the lights to the weather.  It turned out […]

What Happens to Formerly Hip Cleantech Cos?

August 31, 2011


At a time when we’re seeing a shakeout in the first wave of solar companies, it seemed appropriate to take a look at what happens to the formerly-hip in renewable energy.  Which sectors are no longer feeling the love? Each year, the Cleantech Group, an independent research company, conducts a survey to elect a Cleantech […]

Which Technologies are Utilities Seeking?

July 25, 2011


Few things get most venture capitalists (VC) to snap closed a pitch book faster than announcing that you intend to court utilities as your customers; “you’ll burn through my cash long before you figure out their tiresome slothful bureaucracies” is a typical response.  The impression has been reinforced by occasional spats between regulators and demand […]

How Frank Lloyd Wright Invented Green Building

July 4, 2011


Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen numerous attempts – notably from GE and the Siebel Foundation – to create a “zero energy house” that could be used as a template for others.  Most acknowledge or draw from traditions of “organic architecture”, a term coined by Frank Lloyd Wright to describe homes which united […]