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5 Cool Real Assets Trends for 2012

February 6, 2012


Shamefully, it’s taken me an entire month to wade through 2012 predictions from assorted economists and commentators.  The consensus calls are much as one would expect; neither oil prices nor the US economy are going anywhere fast, nothing substantive will be achieved on federal policy in the teeth of a tough election year, investors aren’t […]

Real Assets Junkie Goes Social!

November 22, 2011


In these straitened times, it’s always exciting to be able to announce a little growth, and Real Assets Junkie is fortunate to be expanding to two great blogs: –Seedstock.  The folks at Seedstock provide a unique platform for sustainable agriculture bloggers; their 20 contributors profile start ups, farms, urban agriculture and university research projects.  They’re […]

Can Local Stock Exchanges Overcome the Valley of Death?

November 10, 2011


Whenever you see a venture capital or investment banking presentation on the development of a company, it starts with two guys working on their smart idea in a garage, progresses to funding from angel, venture capital, private equity groups before reaching the utopia of listing on a public stock exchange, preferably either the NYSE or […]

Why the FT is wrong on commodity markets

August 8, 2011


The Financial Times’ flagship Lex column this morning picked up the theme of “financialization” (the notion that the financial part of the economy has overcome the ‘real’ part to the latter’s detriment) that has become a steady drumbeat in the left wing British press.  The full article is here.  In essence, it argues that the […]

Which Ag Technologies Are Investors Seeking?

July 31, 2011


You know that things are starting to heat up in a sector when it’s plausible to throw together a full scale conference in 6 weeks flat and drag about 100 farming, entrepreneurial and investing folks to the summer heat of Davis at short notice.  Such was the case with the Grow Ag conference last week. […]

What the Cleantech Open is Reading

July 26, 2011


One of the perks of being a semi finalist in this year’s Cleantech Open business plan competition is that you get to attend a three day boot camp on building a business.  Each year, the assembled speakers and mentors suggest useful business books that tend towards the classics of the genre, here’s this year’s ‘must […]

Which Cleantech Teams Do VCs Back?

July 6, 2011


The era of green investing was supposed to be a different one for venture capital (VC).  After the excesses of the internet boom, many VCs said that they planned to invest more carefully, with a less blinkered approach.  Now that most VCs have 5 or 6 years of green investments under their belts and there […]