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A Startup Transforming Waste Wool to Green Building Gold

December 3, 2011


Priscilla Burgess has spent most of her career managing software and internet projects for mega-corps such as Cisco and GE.  Like many of us, she began to wonder if there was more to life, if there was some way that she could pay the bills and yet still create products that helped society.  On a […]

A Thousand Ugly Thermostats

November 7, 2011


When the first generation of green building products were introduced, developers thought that business owners would rip out outmoded thermostats and meters and replace them with the new ones that not only saved energy but allowed users to see everything from the time that they turned on the lights to the weather.  It turned out […]

How Frank Lloyd Wright Invented Green Building

July 4, 2011


Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen numerous attempts – notably from GE and the Siebel Foundation – to create a “zero energy house” that could be used as a template for others.  Most acknowledge or draw from traditions of “organic architecture”, a term coined by Frank Lloyd Wright to describe homes which united […]

Who’s Missing the Green Building Revolution?

June 28, 2011


By most conventional measures, the green building market – construction that uses sustainable materials and processes  – is booming.  It’s grown in excess of 30% pa through the downturn, and was estimated at a whopping $71bn by the tail end of 2010. It even has the Presidential seal of approval; President Obama described insulation as […]

Is Solar Crowding Out Geothermal?

May 12, 2011


A couple of weeks’ ago, a cowboy (yes, a real one, he has 300 head of cattle) was telling me about his energy quandary.  He intends to pass the ranch down to his kids, as his parents did to him, and so, is worried about his increasingly high propane bills.  Propane prices are up nearly […]

What’s Geothermal?

May 12, 2011


As one of my roles is in the industry, I’m regularly asked to explain geothermal energy.  Geothermal energy is simply heat from the earth.  By definition, as you drill further into the earth, you find heat, which in turn can be captured as an abundant and renewable power source.  You can read a good deal […]

The Ruins of a Grand Experiment

April 11, 2011


Scientists have a certain way of doing things. You start with a hypothesis, test it on a miniature scale and then expand gradually from there. Biosphere 2 ignored all of this and – after a couple of preliminary tests – built a huge mini-world complex 35 miles north east of Tucson in the Arizona desert […]